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We discuss fairy tales, folklore, and other enduring stories.
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The Premier LiveJournal Community for Fairy Tale and Folklore Discussion

This community is intended for discussion about fairy tales, fables, mythology; the stories that ring so true that they are passed down for generations, adapted by different cultures, and found throughout history.

We welcome reviews, artwork, and icons, as well as questions about whatever story has you intrigued. Links to etsy shops or other promotions for your artwork are welcome as long as they fit the folklore and mythology theme of the community.

When you join, please tell us a little about yourself! (For example)

Name (you wish to be known as):
How you heard of told_tales:
Favorite Tale:
Tale you're most intrigued by:
Favorite hero/ine:
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How you became interested in fairy/folk tales:
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A little something about you:
Anything else we should know?:

This isn't a writing feedback community, so please take your work to evidence0flife or __fantasynovel to share or critique. Writers are invited to share fairy tale adaptations if you wish to. Please do be aware that off topic posts may be deleted without warning.

Feel free to contact me at richlayers at yahoo dot com with any questions about what's on topic, deleted posts, or problems with other members (be sure to put "told tales" in the subject line).

If you have fairy tale artwork for sale or showcase, and you'd like me to feature it, please email me at richlayers at yahoo dot com with the subject line "Told Tales Art," and I will be happy to write up a little piece about your work to share with our members.

Check out the links list to the left on the main page for more fairy tale resources, and our growing tags list for references to specific tales, themes, and authors!
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