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I found out today about a new line of dolls being made by Mattel. It's a spin-off of the Monster High series, but it's based on fairy tales!

It's called the Ever-After High series, and it features the children of a few popular fairy tales, like Snow White, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty and quite a few others.  I'm actually rather excited about this because any sort of fairy tale stuff is awesome to see, and it's really nice to see interest reviving in old stories.


Elegant Princess Collection- Fairy Tale Inspired Aprons for Women and Children

Hello! My name is Cristina and I am a huge fan of fairy tales and anything that has to do with a bit of fun and fantasy! I love it so much that I created a line of 6 Princess aprons for baking- or just for fun. I think that everyone deserves to feel like a princess. I really wanted my aprons to be very elegant and look like a princess dress from the front and an apron in the back. You can whip up a batch of cookies for your prince charming and who knows- maybe little forest creatures will come out to help you do dishes! :)

After countless hours, I finally finished my collection and am so excited to share it with people who have the same passion that I do! My project has recently launched on KICKSTARTER and I would greatly appreciate it if you would check it out! If you pledge, you can get all sorts of great rewards including any of the 6 princess aprons. Please help me spread the word on this project so I can make this dream a reality and turn everyone into a princess!


Thank you so much!


Brother and Sister

I saw this lovely photo today and it reminded me of a short film that I saw posted here a few years ago. Unfortunately I can't find the post it was in now. :(

I know in the story it's the brother that turns into a stag, but I have vague memories of the sister wearing antlers at one point. Either way, it's a lovely photo and seemed appropriate to share here. :)
Myself, Snowball

It is TOO a fairy tale... what?

I just got totally miffed noticing the tagline on the back of the case for Snow White and the Huntsman: "This is no fairy tale." Whaaaat. Yes it is. It even has fairies, dang it!

Whatever you thought of the production value or the acting of a certain ingénue, I think that we, here, at least can all admit that it is a fairy tale.

FIC: Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot (The Little Match Girl Adaptation)

Title: Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot
Tale: The Little Match Girl
Pairing/Characters: Little Match Girl, Father, Grandmother, OCs
Rating: PG13
Summary: Miranda gets thrown out of the Bronx tenement her late mother's husband lives in on New Year's Eve and is left in the snow with no money, nowhere to go and just a book of matches to keep her warm
Notes/Warnings: Read the disclaimer on my LJ

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot