Mathilda (taiyou_to_tsuki) wrote in told_tales,

Tales and things that you hear...

As some people might remember, I have a hobby of translating Swedish fairy- and folktales from time to time when I feel like it. However, I don't do it too often so I often refrain from linking them here. However, I think I've managed to collect enough to post them now...

The first is your typical fairytale of enchanted items and good helpers, Golden Apples with Silver Leaves, from the southermost part of the country.

And some time after that, I decided to do this little thing where I translate one myth or legend from each of Sweden's 25 provinces; some of them are very general, other special for the area they hearken from, and some I just found really nifty. I've posted a link to a map of all the provinces in each post, so you'll have a clue of where they are from.

The first post features a ghost story from Skåne and a medieval legend from Småland...

... And the second a tale of abduction from Gotland, giants building bridges from Öland, and an enchanted forest in Halland.

I hope you'll enjoy. :)

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