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It is TOO a fairy tale... what?
Myself, Snowball
richlayers wrote in told_tales
I just got totally miffed noticing the tagline on the back of the case for Snow White and the Huntsman: "This is no fairy tale." Whaaaat. Yes it is. It even has fairies, dang it!

Whatever you thought of the production value or the acting of a certain ingénue, I think that we, here, at least can all admit that it is a fairy tale.

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You're right. It's definitely a fairy tale--a revisionist version, but still a fairy tale!

I think that what Roth Films-Universal Pictures really wanted to say was "this isn't a FLUFFY fairy tale" or (more likely) "this isn't a DISNEY fairy tale." Which is ignorant, as Disney fairy tales have had serious dark parts to them, starting with the 1937 version of Snow White, and fairy tales from any culture (not just Grimms' and Andersen's) can be gruesome. But they couldn't say the latter because Disney would have kicked their asses, and they couldn't say the former because too many people think that "fairy tale" means "fluffy" and "light" and just for kids. So they were trying to stress that it was NOT childish and was very, very serious. (They might also have been trying to suggest that it had nothing to do with a tween-and-teenage fad for sparkly vampires.)

It's very silly. In order to sell a fairy tale--in a year featuring fairy tale detectives and the residents of Storybrooke, Maine--they tried to convince people that it wasn't a fairy tale.

Exactly! But we know better....

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Yes, somehow I knew that the members of this community would know exactly what I was talking about -- and boggle at pop culture with me!

It *is* a fairy tale... although I wish they'd just called it The Huntsman and given us 2 hours of Chris Hemsworth...

Hahaha I would have been fine with that. I don't have any particular hatred for KS but she certainly was not the most appealing part of the movie. Oh well.

It's not a fairy tale. Its a commercial product derived from a fairy tale.

By that line of thinking, I would never be able to call anything that made money a fairy tale! :) Even the Grimms made some profit with their collections, I believe. :)

As I'm sure you;re aware, the Grimms are coming under increasing criticism for their recording practices--including changing or fabricating material to satisfy their audience. But there's a qualitative difference. Hollywood films exist only as commercial products and any artistic achievement or authenticity is incidental.

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